Volume 3, No 1

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Water Balance Validation of a Temperature-Dependent Parameter Value of the Priestley-Taylor Equation of Evapotranspiration
J. Szilagyi
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Production and Characterisation of Low-tech Activated Carbon from Coconut Shell
R. Shaheed, C.H. Azhari, A. Ahsan, W.H.M. Wan Mohtar
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Shoreline Changes Analysis and Coastal Geomorphology of Tiswadi Taluka of Goa State in India
K. Pareta, U. Pareta
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Comparison of an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket and an Anaerobic Filter for Treating Wheat Straw Washwater
S. Idrus, C.J. Banks, S. Heaven
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Bio-Chemical Separations and Purification of Heavy Metal from Industrial Waste Water: A Review on Adsorption and Precipitations
K. Mohammed, K. Worku, O. Sahu
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Potential Migration of Leachate from an Active Landfill: Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Quality in Communities Surrounding the Dompoase Landfill
Kumasi, Ghana, A. Sulemana, P. Antwi-Agyei, J.N. Hogarh
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Impact of Sea Level Rise in Bangladesh: A Socio Engineering Overview,
S. Ali, F. Kader
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Comment on “Revised coefficients for Priestley-Taylor and Makkink-Hansen equations for estimating daily reference evapotranspiration” by N.C. Cristea, S. K. Kampf, and S. J. Burges published in Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 18(10), 1289-1300
J. Szilagyi
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